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Internationally, chronic disease is becoming the major cause of morbidity and mortality. To name a few, these diseases include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, kidney disease and mental illness. The burdens of these diseases are larger for vulnerable populations and developing countries. These populations have to manage chronic diseases with the added hardship of overcoming health inequities. Health inequities stem from differences in the social determinants of health, or in other words, the economic, political and social influences on health. Factors such as income, education level, employment conditions, food security, housing, social exclusion, stress, early childhood development, access to health services gender, race, aboriginal status and disability all impact an individuals’ health. Early detection and prevention of chronic disease is instrumental to reducing the progression of the disease and improving an individual’s quality of life. JCAN strives to bridge the gaps in health inequities by providing funding, public education, and access to health services that will empower impoverished communities to improve their health status in Jamaica and Canada.

Nurses are the largest group of regulated health care professionals and have enormous potential to impact health inequity in Jamaica and Canada. The nursing profession approaches client care with a holistic lens and person centred focus. Nurses also provide care across all regions and in all health care settings. Given their broad knowledge of health and health care, role in delivering health care services, and frequent direct interaction with clients, nurses are well positioned to advance the mission of JCAN. Therefore, JCAN is pleased to invest in the future of nursing by supporting nursing students in Jamaica and Canada.


The Jamaican Canadian Association of Nurses is committed to improving healthcare in impoverished communities in Canada and Jamaica.


Giving Back — through supporting health education and endowing bursaries to nursing students facing financial hardship

Giving Health — through charitable donations to impoverished communities

Collaborative philanthropy — working with other charities for positive social change

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