Photo of Dr. Era Mae Ferron, Vice President

Dr. Era Mae Ferron, Vice President

Dr. Era Mae Ferron RN, PhD

Era Mae, JCAN Vice President is a registered nurse who practiced in adult cardiology and the community. Era Mae’s experience as a frontline nurse led to her keen interest in workplace environments and their impact on nurses’ intentions to stay or leave the nursing profession. To explore this topic, she pursued her master’s and doctorate degrees in nursing at the University of Toronto.

After earning her Ph.D., Era Mae worked in the occupational health and safety discipline where she managed several projects in workplace violence prevention and management in health care settings. Her experience writing for different audiences piqued her interest in translating knowledge into simple, clear, and accessible forms. This interest motivated her to earn a certificate in Knowledge Mobilization from the University of Guelph in 2021.

Era Mae is embarking on a new journey as an entrepreneur. She is preparing to launch her freelance health and medical writing business, The Writing Era Inc., in the fall of 2021. Era Mae’s personal goal is to start an education bursary at a school in Riverhead, St. Ann, Jamaica—in honour of her father, Ezekiel Alexander Ferron—who was big proponent of educational attainment amongst the black community.