Photo of Norma McCormack

Norma McCormack

Norma McCormack is a Registered nurse who currently works as a Clinical Team Manager at a local hospital. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, a Master’s in Education Administration, and is the Co-Chair of the committee for Anti-Black Racism in a community hospital. She joined the JCAN Board of Directors in 2019.

Her professional career in nursing commenced at one of the largest teaching hospitals in Toronto. Early in her tenure, she focused mainly on patients, families and knowledge transfer. She continues to advocate for patients from a very early stage in her career. With her focus set on patient care and transformation, Norma’s experience provided her with a wealth of knowledge that would serve her extremely well as she advanced her career in the nursing field. She serves on the nursing faculty at two local community colleges.

Norma is committed to lifelong learning, she facilitated and implemented the first Clinical Teaching Unit with an interprofessional approach in a community-based hospital. Along with her expansive nursing career, Norma was this year’s recipient of the BBPA Harry Jerome Professional Excellence Award. She has achieved the Canadian Health Executive designation which was an honour for her and inspired her to continue giving back to the community, the people who have given her so much love and support over the years.