2015 Recipient: The Scarborough Hospital Foundation – Caribbean Philanthropic Committee

The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) is home to the largest Regional Nephrology program in North America with more than 6,000 patients receiving care. There are several factors that put some people at greater risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

These include diabetes, high blood pressure, older age (over 60), a family history of kidney disease, and being of Aboriginal, East and Asian, Pacific Island, African/Caribbean or Hispanic ethnicity.

TSH has one of the largest home dialysis programs and Chronic Kidney Disease programs in the province. The CKD program is an outpatient service that provides patient assessment, treatment, care, education and teaching to maintain a state of wellness, despite their CKD. Patients who progress in the CKD program are presented with treatment options and are supported in learning and preparing for the initiation of their treatment choice.

Patients receive follow-up care in the CKD program clinics every one to six months, where their kidney function and overall well-being is monitored. In addition to assessment, treatment, follow-up and comprehensive patient education, the CKD program also includes renal diabetic management and a Vascular Clinic. Many marginalized patients who would not have otherwise been able to access this life-saving care, have been treated through the CKD program.