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Committee Information

JCAN has five committees diligently working to advance the mission of the organization. If you would like to become more involved in committee projects please contact info@jcan.me.

  1. Executive Committee

The purpose of the executive committee is to drive the board of director’s work forward. This committee is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and treasurer, which acts on behalf of the board of directors.

Chair: Sheryl Bernard (Founding President)

  1. Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to prepare the budget, plan, manage and monitor all funds relating to the operation of JCAN.

Chair: Millie Robb (Treasurer)

  1. Fundraising and Special Events Committee

The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to assist the Board/Executive Committee in the planning, coordination and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of the programs, projects and activities of the association.

Chair: Hyacinth Robinson-Powell (Vice-President)

  1. Membership Committee

The purpose of the membership committee is to recruit potential membership by initiating and educating individuals to perceive the value of JCAN membership.

Chair: Tiney Beckles (Board Member)

  1. Community Projects and Education Committee

The purpose of the community projects and education committee is:

To use our knowledge and research skills to identify areas in the Canadian and Jamaican community where we can give support in promoting health and public awareness in accordance with the purposes in our constitution and bylaws.

To advance education by providing scholarships to selected students who are in at least their second year of a health care programme at a CRA approved tertiary Canadian Institution.

To work with the recipients of the charity (charities) to establish, accountability, obtain evaluation, documentation of the process and prepare report for our record (CRA, donors)

To liaise with the fundraising committee to determine the level and availability of funding for projects out lined above.

Chair: Enid Collins (Board Member)

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